ADA Accessibility

Wonder Ballroom is located in a historic building with steps at the front entrance.  Our staff is happy to escort guests into the venue via an alternate accessible entrance upon request.

Entry Process: Once you arrive at our brief security check, please let our staff know you will need assistance to access the main floor. They will guide you to our lift. (The lift is 35 in wide, and 54in deep, and has a 750lb capacity). Only you will be able to ride up to the main floor meeting any guests you may be with at our coat check. (The coat check door is 35in wide). You can have our staff guide you, or you can move on to our dedicated, unobstructed view, ADA sections on either side of our stage. If your needs are for sitting, please ask the staff member on the ADA side of your choice to get you a chair.

Please note: For All Ages shows the room may be split for OLCC rules/regulations, and one side will be for 21 and Over, and the other for All Ages. While at the Wonder you will be able to access the bar, the merch area, water station, and the restrooms. The restroom doors, and ADA stalls are 35in wide, and both restroom stalls have hand rails.

Once the show is over and you are ready to leave, our staff will guide you back to the lift, escort you out of the building, and back to sidewalk. If you may need any other further assistance throughout the show, please feel free to reach out to any of our staff members who will be happy to help you.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at

Most importantly, Enjoy the show!!!