Monqui Presents


Thursday February 9
Ages 21 and up Doors : 7:30pm Show : 8:30pm

Why Are The Residents?

The Louisiana-born members of the enigmatic avant-pop collective known as The Residents operate out of a shadowy alternate version of San Francisco. They have no names, no faces, no gender, no age, no race, no identities at all. In a word, they’re FREAKS, yet over the past half century and across roughly 50 albums—from 1972’s Santa Dog to their most recent, 2020’s Metal, Meat & Bone—they’ve thrown the culture into a virtual mixmaster, deconstructing, reconstructing, and reflecting it back at us through an alien prism. While you were looking the other way, they had a radical and profound influence on how we perceive music, video, performance and multimedia.