Monqui Presents


Tuesday January 31
Ages 21 and up Doors : 7:30pm Show : 8:30pm

Learning a language doesn’t happen all at once. It’s a process, with familiar thoughts and sounds becoming new again in your head before clicking into place and unlocking all sorts of fresh possibilities. For the past six years, Paolo Nutini has been learning how to speak his own language.


Last Night In The Bittersweet is an album of reframed experiences and rewired iconography, where the lurid colours of a neon motel sign or a snatch of dialogue from a movie can mean as much as a heartfelt plea or wrenching goodbye. In its down-the-line drums, guitar drones and euphoric melodic releases, it lives in the moment when, your forehead pressed against a cold car window, the white lines of the central reservation seem to fold into the music fighting its way out of your headphones.